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TN National Guard

TN National Guard

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC): 

- SMRT offers NAEMT and custom TCCC training courses.  

Hands-On - Intense Training

- SMRT will take officers quickly past classroom and theory and into an immersive training experience. 

- Respect Officer's Training Time: SMRT understands that officer training time is critically short.  No wasted lectures. 

TCCC Level I-III Courses available 

Sustainment Training Format: 2 to 4-Hours (Easy to Schedule - Straight to the Point)

-  Practical Application Table-Top (1 to 2 Hour): This section will allow officers to practice hemorrhage control, airway management, and respiratory system injuries on an advanced full-body task trainer. 

- Scenario Training: Participants will conduct a minimum of three scenarios with live role-players and SMRT's patented simulation systems.  All scenarios are recreated from real-world incidents and wounding profiles. 

Email for more information: 

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