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SMRT offers training consultation aimed at enhancing and augmenting your existing medical program.  

Protocol Development: 

- SMRT understands that the production of high quality, evidence-based protocols is critical to the function of any medical group.  Allow SMRT to create medical and administrative protocols that develop and maintain your corporate knowledge, consistency and standards.  Doctrine and corporate knowledge are the strength of any organization.  Capture, codify and duplicate your organization's knowledge and experience through innovative dynamic protocols and treatment guides.  Allow SMRT to help you develop documents and videos that guide best-standards care and practices for your organization.    

Training Validation and Certification:

-  Developing and accrediting training is critical to maintaining a well-trained treatment team.   Whether you are a hospital group advancing their trauma skills or a tactical team perfecting your first aid capabilities, you need consistent, well developed training standards.  Allow SMRT to assist in the development and delivery of targeted Continued Medical Education (CME), NREMT Continued Education (CE), Nursing Continued Education and a wide variety of EMS and Law Enforcement Certifications.  SMRT can assist and develop your internal team of trainers to deliver enhanced training to raise your team’s medical competency and certification level for years to come.  

Online and Virtual Course Development: 

- Virtual training offers the ability for decentralized, cost effective lectures that ensure your organization is receiving the best value for training dollar spent.  Allow SMRT to create custom online training videos and lectures that are engaging and up to date with current practices.  

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