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    SKU: 6005

    This training package is ideal for realistic training in support of Mass Casualty Exercises, Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support and Trauma Nurse Core Course program.   


    This kit contains a wide variety of simulated wounds that emphasize critical treatments need for both blunt and penetrating trauma.  Ultimate versatility is the goal of this training package. 


    Each Kit Includes the following wounds:

    • Surgical Airway Trainer (Neck Wound) - (1)
    • Surgical Airway Replacement Skin (50 Count) - (2)
    • GSW Versatile Placement (1)
    • Open Wound (1)
    • Forearm Fracture (1)
    • Femur Fracture (1)
    • Thigh Saw Wound (1)
    • Ankle Fracture (1)
    • Stick-On Wound Kit, Level 1 (1)
    • Bleeding System - Complete (8)


    Shipping: Free shipping in U.S. Lower 48 states.  Overseas shipping calculated by location.


    Packaging:  Case Included   

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