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Surgical Airway Trainer (Neck Wound)
  • Surgical Airway Trainer (Neck Wound)

    SKU: 0002

    Neck wound variant of SMRT’s Surgical Airway (Cric) trainer was designed to simulate the most difficult airway management scenario. The trainee must control active carotid artery bleeding and perform an open surgical airway. This packable wound is compatible with the SMRT Blood Pump System allowing for quick deployment and reset between scenarios. Challenge your students with this intense training aid!


    WARNING:  This device is designed to be used only for the open surgical airway procedure.  No needle or wire guided procedures should be performed on this training device.   A trained medical professtional should observe the trainee in a 1:1 ration to ensure safety and accuracy of the procedure.  


    Each surgical airway trainer comes with two free 3D printed tracheas.


    Patent Pending

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